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About us

High-level clinical development and regulatory strategy support

IDRE is an advisory company devoted to supporting the global development of new pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device products. Our network of specialist advisors and partners spans the globe, including KOLs and experts in most clinical indications. Our team focuses on evaluating products, preparing development plans and/or conducting research across all clinical phases.

Our Expertise

How IDRE can support you

IDRE supports you in early drug discovery

The IDRE team has extensive experience in the early stages of drug discovery. This ranges from identification and validation to selection and lead optimisation.

IDRE supports your product development

IDRE is a global network of R&D professionals with years of experience in the development of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products.

IDRE identifies the most suitable KOLs for your drug development strategy

KOLs are specialists in their clinical arena and/or academic researchers prominent in their field. IDRE favours the involvement of such specialists from the very first stages of development.

IDRE selects the most suitable CRO for your clinical trials

Selecting a CRO to partner with is a critical decision as it is very difficult to change the CRO once a project has begun. IDRE will help you find the ideal CRO for your requirements.

IDRE manages your regulatory requirements

We have our own regulatory specialists around the world as well as worldwide audit and inspection support. Our experts know and understand the nuances of regulatory affairs in their countries, thus ensuring communication between sponsors and the regulatory authorities is as seamless as possible.

Privately-held company founded and staffed by highly-experienced pharmaceutical executives

Why choose us?

The essence of our work is our hands-on approach focusing entirely on your needs

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The effective combination of international resources, carefully selected for their skills, knowledge and loyalty, is the fundamental basis of our teams.

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Our work process is based on communication, information and training, and drives a project according to specific guidelines and regular reporting to the sponsor.

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Identify and implement the most cost-effective IT tools, software and applications to ensure the most effective project while simultaneously and con­tinuously sharing information with the sponsor.

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