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IDRE is a clinical and research platform for clients seeking intelligent and intuitive development of their clinical pipelines and any regulatory, strategic, financial or time-sensitive issues.

As a direct result of recent events, the dynamics within the industry have transformed significantly, focusing more and more on technology-enabled clinical research tools. The clinical arena has become a place of innovation, with integration of data, communication, automation and workflow-interactive processes allowing the sponsor to get really involved in a project.

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Our team focuses on evaluating products, preparing development plans and/or conducting research across all clinical phases

Set the Direction

Getting the strategy right for a product is crucial. The PM will define the requirements and set the strategy, selecting a team with the sponsor based on availability and expertise.

PM Commitment

Clients will have their own result-oriented project manager who will be responsible for their programme and provide a focussed assessment of the product using carefully selected experts in the field.

Ensure Results

Ensuring deadlines are met is paramount. Thanks to the latest IT technology and communication tools, the sponsor will receive regular updates on the project status. The same PM will be involved from start to finish as IDRE is well aware of the issues involved when changing a PM or team members. IDRE is proud to be able to offer a comprehensive service encompassing the whole project for its entire duration, thus ensuring that any potential bottlenecks are foreseeable well in advance. IDRE provides regular training for its team members, who are encouraged to participate in senior leadership meetings. The outcome of this is regular reporting and documentation for the sponsor.

Our reputation is one of flexibility, transparency, innovation, and speed.

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