Innovative Research Meets and Overcomes Milestones

BMS announced FDA and EC approvals for their innovative CAR T Cell Therapy for R/R Multiple Myeloma earlier this year. A ground-breaking achievement that gives many people new hope.

The emergence of targeted and precision therapies has increased treatment options for people living with cancer. CAR T-cell therapy is a novel treatment, so little is known about its long-term effects or whether any response will last long-term. Initial results from clinical trials are very encouraging, particularly for people who have few other treatment options after having standard treatments.

We are exploring opportunities partnering a company that has developed a CAR, based on the scFv of an antibody recognizing stage specific embryonic antigen-4 (IDA17) on cancer cell surface. They are currently poised to kick-off a Ph.I open-label, single-centre, study designed to investigate the safety and tolerability of a single infusion of autologous peripheral blood T-lymphocytes transduced with the anti-IDA17 lentivirus vector.

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