The development of the product development process

There has been a significant change in the development of new products in the healthcare industry over the last few years. The influence of IT, new tools, technologies, and the genome has enriched the development possibilities and irreversibly changed the clinical trials environment. Embracing a more patient-centric mindset and embedding innovation is central to this transformation. This requires collaboration from all stakeholders and an exchange of information in real time.

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Development of a Point-of-Care (PoC) Testing Tool

Blood Sugar Testing with Portable Glucometer

New, advanced, highly-stable and ultra-sensitive technology will allow parameters to be evaluated at a higher speed in a portable manner, allowing patients to obtain key parameters at home which are transferred automatically to their MDs.

Development of a New Intelligent Antibiotic

Aseptic processing in a clean room laboratory

A new development in antibiotic therapy using a different mechanism of action to fight the growing problem of antibiotic resistance. The next stage in antibiotic therapy is not to develop stronger antibiotics but ones which use other action mechanisms.

Identifying Immunomodulatory Substances

Coronavirus. COVID-19. 3D Render

The recent pandemic situation made the present lack of effective antiviral therapy very evident. The natural immune system remains the strongest weapon against viral infections and any substance that could support its activity will benefit the fight of viral infections.

Immune Precision Medicine
for Cancer

A young woman of Caucasian ethnicity is indoors at home. She appears to be thinking about her life. Her head is bald due to chemotheraphy.

Cancer cell growth is associated with immune surveillance failure. Nowadays, restoring the desired immune response against cancer cells remains a major therapeutic strategy. IDRE is involved in the search for a new product.

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